Dr Julie MacDonald has just completed her year of office as the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire. She is a parishioner of St William of York parish, Sheffield, where she leads the weekly girls’ Rainbows group.  Parish Priest, Fr John Cooke, was her Chaplain during her year of office.

Dr Julie MacDonald during her year of office as High Sheriff of South Yorkshire, with Fr John Cooke, Chaplain

  Reflecting on the past year, Julie says, “I have been overwhelmed by the thousands of dedicated volunteers that we have in South Yorkshire and particularly by the people who have seen a need in their community and, instead of thinking ‘somebody should do something about this’, have rolled up their sleeves and done something themselves.”

  During her year in office, Julie has supported local charities working with young people, including Therapies for Anxiety, Depression and Stress, South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association, Sheffield Young Carers and Pitsmoor Adventure Playground.

In procession in Sheffield city centre