On Thursday 21 November, the InReality team said goodbye to Grace who has been with InReality for the past 6 years!  Grace now has a job as a teaching assistant at Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Stainforth.  We wish her the best of luck with the next chapter of her life, particularly as she’s also getting married on New Year’s Eve this year!

At the end of his first half term, Liam decided that the InReality team wasn’t for him.  Our prayers and best wishes go with him as he moves to the next phase of his life.

We were recently joined by Charlotte Harris from Swindon!  We are very pleased to have such a lovely new team member with us.  Charlotte introduces herself.

“Hello!  I’m Charlotte, I’m 19 years old and from Swindon.  I enjoy reading, swimming and I am also learning to play the guitar!  I’m currently doing my second year of youth ministry.  By joining the InReality team, I hope to experience new challenges, to grow in confidence and to learn more about my faith, and in turn, to give the young people I meet a safe environment for them to challenge and grow themselves, both spiritually and personally.  I’m so excited for this year and all the adventures it will bring!”

Inreality team s

The InReality team are now in the middle of preparations for a retreat to Hartington in Derbyshire with the year 12s of St Mary’s, Chesterfield!