During the May half term holiday, Kate Kelly, Head Teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School in Hillsborough, will be travelling to the town of Masaka, in Uganda, to take part in a week of charity work, culminating in running a marathon on Saturday, 1 June.

  Working in a Catholic school, we put Christ at the centre of everything we do, by integrating Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  In so doing, one of the many messages we share with the children is the need to promote the common good of society.  This is very much at the heart of Kate’s reasons for going to Uganda.

  Whilst in Uganda, Kate will be staying in a town called Masaka, which lies 23km south of the equator.  Some of the activities she will be involved with include:

  • Helping to organise a sports morning for 200 local children, many of whom are disabled or have been orphaned due to Aids and HIV ravishing the country.
  • Learning about how they up-cycle plastics and helping out with a recycling project.
  • Spending time at the Masaka Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, a project which supports disabled youths make a living through simple crafts.
  • Spending a day with a chosen charity, working on a specific project.
  • Running with the Masaka running club every morning, ending the week by running a marathon (in 30C heat!) with the other volunteers from around the world, and hundreds of locals.


  For her charity, Kate has chosen to support Kakunyu Parent’s Support Association who work to support disabled children in the area.  Discrimination and lack of care for the disabled in Uganda is at a heart-breaking level.  The severe lack of knowledge or awareness means that people with disabilities are very often not given any opportunities to succeed at all.

  Kakunyu Parent’s Support Association cares for and educates 31 boarding disabled students, and many more day students, from the surrounding community.

  Sadly, the discrimination of the disabled is so high in Uganda that the 31 disabled children that attend the school have all but been abandoned and are now the sole responsibility of Kakunyu Parents Support Association.  This is a huge undertaking, especially with the limited resources the school has.  The biggest challenge they face is how to adequately feed all the pupils, who continue to grow in number every term, as the Association’s works means more children are dropped at the site every term.

  Whilst in Uganda, Kate will be helping her charity build a large horticultural garden on their two-acre plot of land and plan an incredible food forest, which will not only supply the school with crops throughout the year, but can generate enough for sale in the local market of Kinoni.  This will then guarantee food security for this most vulnerable group of individuals.

  As the mother of a severely disabled daughter, this Association is very close to Kate’s heart, hence her fundraising page is called ‘Hearts 4 Uganda’.  She is certain this will be a life-changing experience.

    Kate is pictured with the fourteen members of her ‘United 4 Uganda’ fundraising team at school.  With the help of these wonderful children, and the support of Sacred Heart community, her friends and family, Kate is hoping to raise at least £2,000 for her charity.

  For more information, please visit Kate’s fundraising page at   https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/hearts4uganda.  Any donation will be gratefully received, no matter how large or small because, for these children, every penny really does count.