Our Lady of Lourdes, Hackenthorpe, welcomed the Liverpool Advent Healing Ministry Team for the third year of very kindly travelling to Sheffield to minister to those in need of healing. Preparation for this evening included five holy hours of prayer each Monday evening leading up to the event.

During a celebration of Mass, Fr Peter Morgan gave an inspiring homily helping people to open their hearts to God’s healing love.

After the Mass, Fr Bob and Fr David ministered to those seeking healing from sin through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

For many this naturally led to them coming forward to pray with lay people and priests who work together as members of the Healing Team. Prayers were offered and gentle and encouraging words were shared with people themselves, or people dear to them.  Many were helped that night.

Healing Mass s

Later over refreshments there was a chance to chat and share. The Parish Priest at Hackenthorpe, Fr Paul O’Hara, commented, “The church was full and all the people who came for prayer received many blessings, which was noted by others who could see the look of joy on their faces.  Simple things like not being able to sleep through worry of illness were healed and they were able to now enjoy restful, healing periods of sleep.  And of course many people’s faith was renewed and strengthened through the healing and Sacrament of Reconciliation.”