At the end of the academic year John Gregson retired after 13 years as headteacher of Holy Rood Catholic Primary School.

He told parents, “Thanks to the efforts of staff, governors, the parish, parents and children, the school has been transformed during this period.

“Our unique links with the parish have been well nurtured as well as the spiritual life itself of the school through collective worship and prayer and it is vital that these are kept at the forefront as, if we seek to put God first, then we cannot go far wrong and many blessings always follow.

“We have always strived for high academic standards but have also kept the balance between this and the importance of developing the whole child so that, by the time they leave Holy Rood, they are well rounded people with a good foundation of spiritual and moral values upon which to draw on in later life.

“All the trips, visits, residentials, productions, sport, music and 101 other things we do, not just enrich the curriculum, but in many ways are the real curriculum. I think possibly the greatest legacy we can try and instil (in both children and staff) is the simple gift of kindness as love fulfils all the commandments.

“But it is really the children who are the most important people of all and one should never forget that is the reason we all come here every day. To help them unlock all the treasure that is inside and help them realise their unlimited potential and capacity to be God’s good people.

“When visitors come they always say, “What is it about this place that that makes it so special?” I think it is something to do with God’s Spirit of love working in all of us.

“It is with great affection and gratitude that I sign off now as headteacher and hand over the reins to Mrs Faley and Mrs Kelly from St Thomas More for an interim period until governors can find a permanent successor. I have complete confidence that the school will continue to go from strength to strength.”

John Gregson retirement s

Our photograph shows John Cape, Diocesan Director of Primary Schools, Judi Gallagher, Holy Rood teacher who is also moving on, Cath Needham, Chair of Governors, Fr Terry Boyle, Parish Priest and John Gregson.