Saint Hugh of Lincoln, Newbold recently played host to Bishop Ralph and the members of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission. This was the first time the Justice and Peace Commission has met in a parish setting.

Saint Hugh of Lincoln has a Youth Group known as SHY.  SHY gave Bishop Ralph and the Commission a very warm welcome.

Anna and Eleanor Marshall, members of SHY, gave an informative and humorous account of how SHY are very closely involved in all that happens in their parish.

The script of their dialogue is below:

  1. My sister and I have been asked to tell you about our Parish.
  2. Our Parish, where on earth shall we start?
  1. Well how about here?
  2. What a good idea! This is our Parish – St Hugh of Lincoln. You are all very welcome here!
  1. Yes our Parish is a welcoming sort of community. We always have somebody at the door welcoming people and if strangers come someone nearly always has a chat with afterwards and introduces them to other people.
  2. I notice you said nearly always!
  1. Yes, that is right, sometimes when people are busy in their own conversations we forget to look around, or sometimes we feel a bit “Shy” but we want to be welcoming and we are trying to get even better at it. I do hope you all feel welcome!
  2. You said some people are a bit Shy, do you think we have many shy people who come to Church?
  1. Well I am sure there are many shy people, but one group who are definitely not Shy is the “Shy” group.
  2. Oh yes, we belong to that group and we are definitely not Shy. Shy stands for St Hugh’s Youth group – remember we are not a club, we are a Parish group.
  1. So what is the difference between a club and a group?
  2. I don’t really know but when I think of youth club I always thinks of table tennis and tuck shops.
  1. Oh, I see, our group is not really like that. We are part of the Parish. We help the Parish with campaigns like the campaign on climate change. We went around after Mass while the adults were talking and drinking tea and we made them write letters or cards.
  2. Yes, and we gave them facts and asked them questions to make them think about the environment. We are lucky, our Parish community is kind and open to talking to us, in fact they did not mind us pestering them at all.
  1. What else have we done for the Parish in Shy group. Let’s think ….
  2. Well, we help with CAFOD, Progression and Pax Christi campaigns and collections.
  1. We sing psalms in Sunday Mass and we are part of the music group.
  2. Some of our group serve on the altar.
  1. And we have even danced up the aisle – on Peace Sunday to help people think of peace!
  2. We also started food bank collections in the Parish. It is about time we had another push on that!
  1. Yes, I agree, maybe in September.
  2. The Shy group does lots of things, with the help of the rest of the Parish.
  1. But we also help with a charity outside the Parish!
  2. Oh, I feel all flushed now talking about toilet twinning – always makes me feel like that.
  1. We are currently busy working the Council and our MP trying to make Chesterfield into a toilet-twinned town!
  2. And then Derbyshire!
  1. And then the world!
  2. Anyway, if you want to know more about toilet twinning, ask us later.
  1. Yeah! Let’s get back to the Parish.
  2. Our Parish fair trade group is led and run by slightly, how can I put it, older parishioners.
  1. We are a fair trade Parish – we try and make sure all coffee, tea and sugar are fair trade.
  2. We also have a fantastic fair trade stall held on the first Sunday of every month.
  1. We love this stall. It sells lovely things we can use as presents and it sells cards but best of all….
  2. chocolate and sweets.
  1. Our Parish is so generous, we never get out of church on a Sunday without a handful of sweets or chocolate or both, which people have bought for us!
  2. The fair trade group never make a profit, if they make money they give it away to all sorts of different charities, and they always inspire us to build a fairer world whenever and wherever we can!
  1. Our Parish St Vincent de Paul group also try and make the world a better place!
  2. They are an amazing group of people. They just quietly help people all the time – visiting the sick, arranging days out for those who might be feeling lonely! Always trying to help in our local community and beyond!
  1. At Christmas the Shy group and the SVP group go carol singing and the Shy group make Christmas cards for the SVP to give out.
  2. Hmm, the young and the old can really work together!
  1. We do have a growing sense of community in our Parish, don’t we?
  2. I think one thing that really help us build community is our Bereavement group. It really supports people when they need it most.
  1. Yes, they have regular meetings and coffee mornings. Where people can really talk to each other.
  2. We even have a bereavement garden. This was also a real community effort.
  1. Even I did some weeding!
  2. The Bereavement group always reminds us of how important each person in our community is.
  1. We do try in our community to help people see God’s love.
  2. Recently our Parish started a Justice and Peace group.
  1. It is only small but we’d love to get involved and work with other churches in Chesterfield.
  2. Anna, why do you come to church here?
  1. I get to meet new people and I get to make a difference. Why do you come?
  2. I really enjoy coming to church because I like seeing my friends and it is a great community!
  1. and 2) Please pray for our Parish.

One member of the Justice and Peace group said, “Well done, Anna and Eleanor, you are a credit to your family and your parish.”