“… there can be little doubt that in pretty much every field of social action, from education to health to social care, the Catholic Church is the largest and most significant non-state organisation in the world”. 

Professor David Paton 2017

  Does this come as a surprise to you?  How is this reflected in Hallam?  Caritas-Diocese of Hallam is in the process of compiling a Directory of Social Action to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Diocese in 2020.  The Directory will be a record, parish by parish, of how Catholic people are involved in work to help others.

  A representative will be nominated in each parish and asked to provide two pieces of information on a simple form.  Firstly, we would like to know what groups or organisations exist within your parish to help others.  Secondly, what outside groups or organisations with the aim of social action, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, have support from members of the parish.

Mike Murphy speaks about the new Directory of Social Action at the recent Caritas-Diocese of Hallam event

  In this way we hope to record every field of endeavour with which the Catholic population of this area is involved.  We will compile a list of all these organisations, great or small, and describe what they do, how they may be contacted and how people can become involved or help in any way.

  If you have in mind starting any such group in your parish you will be able to make contact with those already involved in a similar group somewhere else.  We believe that when you see what is actually happening in our Diocese you will have a new confidence in the mission of the Church and how, in Hallam, we try to respond to the second great commandment of loving our neighbour as ourselves.

  Please look out for the person collecting this information in your parish and pass on to them as much information about what is happening within the parish and how members of the parish are involved in charitable work outside the parish.  If in doubt about a particular organisation just include it on the form and we will consider whether or not it should be included.

For further details contact Sue Tym, caritas@hallam-diocese.com

or Michael Murphy, carrlanemurphys@btinternet.com

or through the Pastoral Centre, tel: 0114 256 6401.