Ascent Remembrance sHallam Ascent Group remembered the First World War in a reflection illustrated by a series of pictures taken at the Bovingdon Tank Museum, Duxford’s Land War Exhibition, the Shuttleworth Collection and Stow Marie’s Airfield.  The pictures took us through the Land War, War in the Air and the lesser known War at Sea.

Male members of the group read poems written from that time to accompany the pictures and to illustrate that, apart from nurses, most of the people actively involved in World War One were male.

The reflection ended with the Last Post before we walked in silence into St Francis of Assisi Church.  Consequently, our female members took the part of readers and Eucharistic ministers in the Mass which followed.

The pictures and text can be found on Hallam Ascent’s website on the following page: http://hallamascent.weebly.com/resources–downloads.html.