Goodbye to Our Friend Anne White  1934-2018

Lorraine Healy, Manager of St Vincent’s Furniture Store, Sheffield, remembers a special lady.

  On Saturday, 17 March, we learnt that our friend Anne had gone to her heavenly home.  Anne died in St Luke’s Hospice following a two year battle with cancer.

  Anne was a much loved lady who, as a member of the St Vincent de Paul Society, did such a lot for so many people.  Most of her good works remain unknown and were kept between Anne and the people she helped.  However, a big part of Anne’s life was her involvement with the Furniture Store.

  Anne often told the story of when, as a teacher, she took early retirement and she went to her Parish Priest at Holy Family Church and asked him if there was any work she could do in the parish.  His reply to her was, “I have just the job for you, Anne, join the SVP.”  Anne took his advice and was a member of this fantastic organisation for nearly 35 years.

  She became involved with St Vincent’s Furniture Store in Sheffield at the beginning and remained a volunteer and a member of the Management Committee up until health issues meant she had to retire in November 2016.  Anne was also a member of the Management Committee at St Vincent’s Shop on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield.

  Anne dedicated her life to helping others and she often told us many a funny story of those early days at the Store.  Her ‘can do’ attitude was something to behold and she would try her hand at anything.  When we introduced computers to our donation process, Anne told me she had never used a computer in all her years; however, she would, “give it a go” and she did.  She would be the first to admit that she never fully mastered that keyboard; however she kept on going and never gave in.  Her telephone manner, good humour and her overall nature to help everyone will never be forgotten.

Anne White (right) receiving her retirement gift from Lorraine Healy

  The photograph above is of Anne, on her retirement, at our Annual Meeting in November, 2016, receiving one of her many gifts, a statue of St Vincent de Paul, something that I know she treasured dearly.

  Anne, I can say without hesitation that I have not met many like you and I am sure you are reaping all the rewards you deserve in your heavenly home.

RIP Anne, a true lady definitely walked this way.