Wednesday, May 20th saw the annual Good Shepherd presentation to Bishop Ralph.  During Lent, Diocesan schools raised money in a variety of ways to contribute to Hallam Caring Services for children and families projects.

Staff and one hundred and fifty pupils from twenty-three schools presented generous cheques amounting to the sum of nearly £15,000, and we understand there is still more to come!

St Bernard’s High School students and their Chaplain enacted ‘The Sheep’s Tale’, illustrating how we can find ourselves in all sorts of difficult situations and need help to ‘get up on our feet again’.  Children from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School delighted everyone with their rendition of ‘Roll Over the Ocean’.  A parent’s account of how she was supported by Hallam Caring Services was read by Laura Rendell, Family Support Worker.

This was Bishop Ralph’s first Good Shepherd Event and he said that it reminded him of when he was a small boy presenting his school’s offering to his Bishop in Sunderland.

Six hundred biscuits and drinks were then demolished in the Mother of God Parish Centre!

A very sincere thank you to all those who made it such an enjoyable event, especially to those who served the refreshments.

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Pictured above, Bishop Ralph and Stuart Hanlon accept the donations from children of the Diocesan schools for the work of the Hallam Caring Services.