Diocesan Catholic Schools ~ ‘A Family of Families’ ~

Join with Hallam Caring Services at Good Shepherd Appeal Celebration

On Wednesday, 22 May, schools from across the Diocese came to St Marie’s Cathedral for the annual celebration of their fundraising for the Good Shepherd Appeal for Hallam Caring Services.

St Patrick’s School, Sheffield Lane Top

  Around 200 young people, representing 27 schools, participated in a special liturgy highlighting the importance of families supporting each other.  Pupils from St Patrick’s School, Sheffield Lane Top, planned and led the service, which involved acting, procession, singing and liturgical dance.  The children recounted three stories from the Old Testament, telling the congregation about Noah, Joseph and his brothers and Ruth and Naomi, before finishing with the story of Jesus being found in the temple.  The singing was magnificent, as all joined in enthusiastically with the chosen hymns.

St Mary’s School, High Green

Sacred Heart School, Goldthorpe

  Each school had brought a homemade icon of the Holy Family, which they brought up in procession when they presented their donations for the appeal to Bishop Ralph, before ending the service with a rousing rendition of the hymn, “All Hail King Jesus”.

  Stuart Hanlon, Co-ordinator of Hallam Caring Services, was very appreciative of the generous contributions made by schools – pupils, families and staff – to the annual appeal, especially at a time of cutbacks.  “We could not provide the support offered by Hallam Caring Services without the income from the appeal,” he said.  “We are very grateful to all the schools for their fundraising.  Our special thanks go to St Patrick’s for leading our service so well.”

Holy Trinity School, Barnsley, with Bishop Ralph