President of Barnsley Catenians Peter Brannan was using his sunglasses to protect himself from the golden halo around Mike and Anne Fealy at their At Home to Circle event celebrating 50 years of marriage.

Mike and Anne Fealy s

Peter Brannan (left) presents Anne and Mike Fealy with their golden wedding anniversary present

Anne had prepared a wonderful buffet and Michael kept enough bottles open to assuage everyone’s thirst.  Circle wives, Lesley Brannan and Chris Horbury, had arranged the gifts of a golden camellia, a bottle of champagne, cash/vouchers and an embroidered Celtic knot created by another Circle wife, Anne Barry.  The weather was kind and the whole evening typified the Catenianour Association being about faith, family and friendship.

Michael and Anne were hosting another event, At Home to the Family, on their actual anniversary and had had their marriage blessed by Fr Durkin when their children and some grandchildren turned up unannounced at St Theresa’s, Darton.