As we all cope with the worldwide pandemic Lilian Hollidge, a parishioner of Holy Family Parish, Stainforth, turns her thoughts to the Detention Centre on the Aegean Island of Lesbos, where she has worked as a volunteer on a number of occasions.  We are all experiencing difficulties during this prolonged time of worry about ourselves, relatives and friends.

  Lilian asks that we all “give a thought and a prayer for the many families, unaccompanied children and elderly people who are refugees.  They need constantly to keep moving to escape bombing, torture, sickness, violence and hunger.  Some of them will find themselves in the Moria Detention Centre.  There they will join with others in canvas, wooden and plastic dwellings, which are vastly overcrowded.  Please pray for the welfare of such refugees and consider if there is anything you can do to support them.”

  Since Lilian wrote this there has been the terrible fire at the Moria camp and the refugees are even more desperately in need of help.


Lord Jesus,

when you walked with us on earth

you spread your healing power.

We place in your loving care

all who are affected by coronavirus.

Keep us strong in faith, hope and love.

Bring relief to our sick,

console our bereaved,

protect those who care for us.

We lift our prayer to you Lord,

and trust in your infinite mercy,

as we wait for the daybreak.