Because marriage is a ‘natural way’ of living doesn’t mean that it is always easy.  The Church wants to offer you support and encouragement before you make your public life-long commitment to each other.

Marriage Preparation gives you an opportunity to explore your relationship in a confidential, helpful and friendly environment.

Our trained married couples help you to clarify how you want to live your life together and look at communication, transitions, conflict management, family patterns, sex and sexuality, parenting and how to live your wedding day promises.

As soon as you have consulted the priest who is marrying you, please do make contact with us so that we can put you in touch with a couple who will take you through the five session course – stym@hallam-diocese.com, 0114 2566407.

Engaged Encounter also offers weekend courses and the next one takes place here in Hallam in November.  This is bookable online by visiting wwme.org.uk/weekends/.