Helping Our Fellow Christians in the Holy Land

Friends of the Holy Land, a registered charity launched in 2009, are supported by Bishops in Catholic and Anglican Dioceses in England, Scotland and Wales. Bishop Ralph has recently appointed Fr John Cooke as the Friends of the Holy Land Diocesan Coordinator.

  Friends of the Holy Land currently give hope and provide practical support to 2000 Christians in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan.

Imagine no Christians in the land of Our Lord

  In 70 years, the number of Christians has reduced from 28% to 1.5%.  The position is becoming acute and your help to preserve a Christian presence in the land where are Our Lord was born, ministered, died and rose again, is needed now.

Imagine being told you have a treatable illness such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or heart disease but you are not able to pay for the treatment you require.

  There is no state health service.  This is the case in the Holy Land.  Friends of the Holy Land help fund drugs, operations, treatments and medical centres that enable fathers and mothers to support their families.

Arab Episcopal Medical Centre

Imagine studying hard at school and university to gain qualifications and finding there are no jobs available for you in your country of birth and the only opportunities are to go abroad. This is the situation in the Holy Land.

  Friends of the Holy Land funds employment projects in Gaza and are seeking funds for a new project in Nazareth.

West Bank employment support ~ olive wood products

Imagine being a child with Special Needs and being abandoned by your family, through shame and embarrassment, with nowhere to go.

Friends of the Holy Land funds the School of Joy, for those with Special Needs, doubling its capacity in 4 years.

Jordan family support ~ Iraqi Christian Refugees

Imagine going to work to do the job you love and doing it well only to find you are not paid at the end of the month. Christian teachers in the Holy Land do.

Friends of the Holy Land help fund salaries for Christian Teachers in the Holy Land.

Imagine not having running water for up to 3 weeks at a time. Families in the West Bank have to put up with this.

Friends of the Holy Land funds water tanks and solar panels to put on the roof of homes plus community water projects.

Imagine growing old and having no-one to care for you as there is no state pension and often there is no family around you as they have emigrated due to lack of work opportunities, lack of housing, poor health and education and fear that peace will never come. This happens to the elderly in the Holy Land.

  Friends of the Holy Land provides emergency and sustainable help to try and help people to remain in their birth place.

  Friends of the Holy Land provides 90% of the running costs for St Martha’s House which provides a permanent Day Care facility in Bethlehem for elderly ladies.

  These examples are some of many of the projects funded by Friends of the Holy Land, supporting Christians with education, employment, health and housing challenges, including over 90 families on their Family Support programme.  The majority of Friends of the Holy Land’s grants contribute to the emergency requirements of our Christian brothers and sisters.

  We raise nearly £¾ million a year from donations.  Thanks to the generosity of a single benefactor who funds most of our overheads to manage and run the Charity, and the many volunteers, close to 100% of every donation goes direct to those most in need.

Jordan employment support ~ Iraqi Christian refugees

  The Christians in the Holy Land need our help by praying for them, visiting them on Pilgrimage to let them know they are not forgotten and by supporting them with donations.

West Bank family support

If you would like to learn more, please visit the website www.friendsoftheholyland.org.uk or contact the Friends of the Holy Land office, tel: 01926 512980, to ask for the current newsletter.  Alternatively contact Sandra Brinkley, a member of the Friends of the Holy Land Group based at St William’s Parish in Sheffield, e-mail: sandrabrinkley@doctors.org.uk.