Fr Terry Doherty

Fr Terry was born in Leeds in 1959. His parents, Jim and Margaret, were both of Irish extraction.  His father was a caretaker from Carndonagh in Donegal and his mother a hairdresser from Derry, also in Northern Ireland.  Fr Terry was close to his brother and sister.

  He excelled at sport and was a talented centre forward at school football.  He was also an altar server at St Anne’s Cathedral in Leeds in Bishop Wheeler’s time.

  After leaving school Terry became a hairdresser and it was during this time he felt called to the priesthood.  In his late teens he went to Ushaw to begin training for the priesthood.

  He was ordained at St Marie’s Cathedral, Sheffield in July, 1984.


Fr Terry Doherty with his family after his ordination to the priesthood at St Marie’s Cathedral on 7 July, 1984

  Fr Terry was a curate first at St Patrick’s, Sheffield and then at The Annunciation Church in Chesterfield.  In October, 1990 he became Parish Priest at St Hugh of Lincoln, Chesterfield, where he served until August, 2012.  He was Parish priest at Holy Spirit, Dronfield from 8 November, 2014.  He died on 11 October, 2016.

  His Requiem Mass was celebrated at The Annunciation Church, Chesterfield.  May he rest in peace.