It has been renamed ‘the marathon that never was’.  However for Fr Andrew Browne, Victoria Gould, Marie Grant and the SVP Furniture Store the Sheffield half marathon definitely ‘was’.

For the first time in living memory the Sheffield Half Marathon hit the national news headlines.  I always knew when Fr Andrew approached me and offered to run the marathon in aid of the Furniture Store, it was going to be a big deal.  However, the fact that it was featured in all the national newspapers and also on television was something beyond our wildest dreams.  Of course the reason for it hitting the headlines was to do with water, or lack of water!  As everyone knows the water wasn’t delivered and therefore the marathon was, in the eyes of the organisers, cancelled but the runners had different ideas.

Fr Andrew said that they were standing in line waiting for the starting gun to go off, they heard a big shout and everyone started moving.  The ‘rebel’ runners were on their way!!  Fr Andrew, Victoria and Marie, like most runners, didn’t realise there had been any problems till they were half way round the course.

Thanks to the people of Sheffield who supplied water and refreshments along the course, the runners were allowed to complete the marathon.

Our 3 intrepid runners all completed the course in good time and so far the fantastic amount of £908.00 has been raised.  We will have over £1000 once all the money has been collected.  I remember Fr Andrew saying to me during the planning stage “If we raise a couple of hundred it will be something”.  So to raise over the £1000 is magnificent.

All of us here at St Vincent’s Furniture Store are indebted to Fr Andrew, Victoria and Marie for agreeing to run the Marathon on our behalf.  We are also extremely grateful to all those people who sponsored them.  With the money raised we have already bought 10 new double beds.

We can’t wait for next year when all 3 have agreed to run again, let’s hope the rivers don’t run dry in 2015!!

Fr Andrew Browne Presentation s

Left to right, Marie Grant, Fr Andrew Browne, Victoria Gould and Lorraine Healy, SVP Furniture Store