Help the homeless this Lent by joining “Forty Nights of Nightstop” Campaign

Homelessness charity Depaul UK is appealing for support this Lent from church communities.

  “Forty nights of Nightstop” is aiming to raise £7,500 to provide 500 bed-nights of safe emergency accommodation for young people affected by homelessness.

  Just £15 provides a safe night for someone in desperate need of a bed – and by raising £600 you could pay for bed-nights for the homeless in your area right through Lent.

  Nightstop North East Manager, Kester Young said, “Sadly, homelessness across the UK has increased significantly in recent years and, in the North East, every night an average of 38 people have no shelter at all.

  “Countless more are vulnerable, sofa surfing or sleeping in unsafe places.  The majority of the time people become homeless for reasons that are little fault of their own: family problems, relationship breakdown, poor coping skills in the face of a crisis, and as a result of low or no income.

  “So, we are inviting churches to raise money to provide one, seven or forty nights of Nightstop emergency accommodation this Lent.  One night can change everything.  Will you stand with homeless young people this Lent?”

  Church communities are asked to visit the Forty Nights campaign page on the Depaul UK website at: https://uk.depaulcharity.org/get-involved/events/forty-nights-nightstop.

  There, they can download daily reflections and request the Forty Nights of Nightstop pack of fundraising ideas, discussion topics, prayers and children’s workshops.

  Homelessness charity, Depaul UK, which has its roots in the life and work for St Vincent de Paul, invites churches to join the Forty Nights of Nightstop campaign – to raise money to keep young people safe and warm.

  For more information or to sign up, please visit: https://uk.depaulcharity.org/get-involved/events/forty-nights-nightstop or email: fundraising@depaulcharity.org.uk.