The Chapel of Our Lady on the Bridge in Rotherham was built in 1483 as part of a new bridge over the River Don.

It has a colourful history serving for many purposes over the centuries, including as a place of prayer for travellers seeking a safe journey and thanksgiving for safe arrival, an almshouse, a prison, a dwelling house, a tobacconist and newsagents.

Fr G Hurst sAt times it has fallen into ruin and was only spared demolition because it is an integral part of the bridge.  It was restored as a chapel in the early 1900s, the work being completed in 1924.

Rotherham Deanery use the Chapel of Our Lady on the Bridge each Thursday in Lent, excluding Holy Thursday, continuing through to Pentecost.

On Thursday, 23 April, Fr Geoff Hurst concelebrated his last Mass before retirement with Fr Kieran O’Connell in this chapel.

We wish him and his family good health and a fond farewell, God’s peace and blessings.