Parenting Course

Seven people, including two couples and a mother in law/grandma, attended a course delivered by Diocesan Family Support Worker, Laura Rendell, at Kiveton Park.

One of the parents, Beth Holmes, had contacted the Caring Services about a course because her parent had attended one many years earlier and recommended it.  Hallam Caring Services was pleased to be able to provide participants with free handbooks, courtesy of a grant from the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Feedback from the group was enthusiastic about the positive changes that had occurred in their relationships with their children.  Particular mention was made of the value of listening for feelings, offering reasonable choices and spending time with their children.  Many Diocesan schools now have trained staff to deliver similar courses.

For more information please contact Susan Tym, tel: 0114 2554790, email: suetym@btconnect.com or Laura Rendell, tel: 07825449306, email: l.rendell@live.co.uk.

Participants in the Parenting Course at Kiveton Park are pictured with Laura Rendell, back left, Family Support Worker.

Parenting course at Kiveton Park s