Faith and Light is a worldwide ecumenical movement, founded in 1971, as a result of a pilgrimage to Lourdes for over 4,000 people with learning difficulties and their families and friends. Now there are over 1500 communities or groups in 81 countries.

faith-and-light-logo-copyFaith and Light communities are non-residential and meet together monthly to enjoy each other’s company in joint activities, including prayer and usually some simple eats and drinks. Friendships are formed and groups link to share outings and pilgrimages.  The most important thing is to welcome, listen to and share our time and experiences with people who miss out on so many things in life. We recognise that every one of us has gifts to offer and our meetings are often a learning, as well as a very rewarding, experience for all of us who are involved with the community.

Our small community is Hallamshire Faith and Light. We meet at 3pm in the Mother of God Parish Hall, Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1DX on the third Sunday of each month, except August. The meetings last about two hours and in that time we first share our news on birthdays, holidays and other events. We then enjoy music, singing, drama and craft activities, usually prompted by one of the scripture readings of the season, after which we spend some time in prayer. The meeting ends with light refreshments.

We are conscious that there may be many parents or friends of people with special needs in Sheffield who haven’t heard of Faith and Light and might want to know more. Why not come down and see what we do?

In October Hallamshire Faith and Light gathered to celebrate the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.


We discussed his love of creation and baked pretzels, which we later ate with hot soup during our time of fellowship.

Saint Francis is said to have described pretzels as, “Seeming to fold their arms in prayer.”

If you need more information or would like to become a helper, please contact us at Hallamshire Faith and Light through our leader, Marie Casey, tel: 01709 872491,   email: marieanncasey@yahoo.com,

or through, Malcolm McDonald, tel: 0114 2746738,     email: pam.malcolm@talktalk.net.

The website for England, Scotland and Wales Faith and Light communities is: www.faithandlight.org.uk/.