Over the last few months exciting developments have been taking place at Saint Joseph’s Catholic and Church of England Primary School, Staveley.

St Joseph Staveley 1 s

St Joseph Staveley 2 s

Headteacher, Mrs Rowena Herbert, says, “The school is a truly special place with a family ethos made up of our wonderful children and their families, our parish and our committed team of staff.

“Saint Joseph’s was recently judged to be good by Ofsted and this only affirms what the pupils, parents and staff already knew.  Now the school is striving to be outstanding.  The pupils at Saint Joseph’s are an absolute joy to work with; they are motivated, enthusiastic learners who are proud of their school.  We were particularly pleased with the comments in the Ofsted report which highlighted the ‘pupils positive attitude to learning and each other’.

“Saint Joseph’s continues to grow from strength to strength.  The school was found to be ‘a school which goes the extra mile to help pupils and families, overcome issues that might affect learning.  The pupils achieve well and standards are rising because staff and pupils have risen to high expectations.’”