St Joseph’s, Dinnington recently opened their Community Garden.  The idea for a garden followed the Centenary of the Parish being established.  The creation of a new church car park had left the garden area neglected so a number of grants were obtained from various local communities and the work began.


  The Community Garden has many features including disabled access, a remembrance bench to commemorate the miners of Dinnington, a statue to remember all unborn children, a garden bench with the names of all the priests who have served the parish of St Joseph’s, an arbour seating area and a newly planted garden area.  These different aspects of the Garden serve to reflect the whole community.    CTJM firm gave their labour free for the landscaping.  The local council donated £2,000 for the granite bench and the bouncy castle on the opening day.

  Dobbies Garden Centre donated the flowers and shrubs and the parishioners helped to plant all the flowers.  Tesco donated £1,000 towards landscaping, which provided a new wider path around the side of the church, and also a donation of food towards the open day.

  Sir Kevin Barron opened the new garden, at a celebration afternoon, and a total of £560 was raised.  This enabled the parish to donate £140 to each of three charities, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, Rotherham Hospice and Lost Cord Dementia Charity.

  The parishioners of St Joseph’s hope to continue developments and to include an outside defibrillator for use by the village.