Peter and Margaret Wolstenholme

Another couple celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary are Peter and Margaret Wolstenholme. Peter tells us, “I married Margaret (Madge) Bell at St Theresa’s Church, Prince of Wales Road, Manor Estate, Sheffield on the 10 August, 1957.  My elder brother, Tony, was ordained a Verona Father in Milan on 15 June 1957.  He came home to Sheffield and as Rev Fr Anthony Wolstenholme assisted St Theresa’s curate, Fr Duffy, in celebrating our wedding ceremony.  Following the Wedding reception we left for our honeymoon in Paris.

  “We moved to St Joseph’s, Handsworth in 1962 where I joined St Joseph’s conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society.  From 1974 to 2000, I was Vice President, President and Secretary of District Council.

  “We are blessed with three daughters, one son, one granddaughter, five grandsons, one great-granddaughter, three great-grandsons; with another great grandson due in October and identical twin great-granddaughters due in January, 2018.

  “Fr Anthony, my brother now in his 94th year, is a resident in St Joseph’s Nursing Home, run by the Little Sisters of the Poor in Glasgow.

  “On 5 August at the Vigil Mass in St Joseph’s, our regular Mass, we received a Blessing from our Parish Priest, Fr Mark McManus.  This was followed by warm applause from the congregation.

  “Then on 10 August we were honoured when Sheffield’s Lord Mayor, Councillor Anne Murphy, and her Consort, Councillor Jackie Satur, visited our Woodhouse home and stayed with us for an hour,” (pictured below).