At the end of September, the meeting of the Council of the Borough of Chesterfield conferred the title of Honorary Alderman of the Borough of Chesterfield upon David Stone “in recognition of the eminent services, which he has rendered to the Council.”

David was Mayor of Chesterfield in 1995/6. He served for thirty two years as a Derbyshire County Councillor, several years as a Staveley Councillor and four years on the Derbyshire Fire Authority.  During this time, he worked for twenty one years for Derbyshire Social Services.

His sons are following their father in serving the community. Paul Stone is an ex-Mayor of Chesterfield and Fr Martin Stone is Parish Priest at Corpus Christi parish in the Dearne Valley.

When accepting his honour, David wanted to thank especially the Catholic community in Whittington and Staveley for their support and prayers over many years.

David Stone s

Pictured are David Stone with Paul Stone, on his right, and Fr Martin Stone on his left.