St Francis of Assisi sThe younger members of the Children’s Liturgy Group from St Francis of Assisi Church, Crosspool, proudly display a certificate acknowledging that they have provided three cows for people like Charles Sedoi of Tanzania.

Charles and his wife work hard to provide for their six children.  They keep chickens at the homestead and have three quarters of an acre of land where they grow plantain.  Until recently Charles ploughed this land by himself, by hand.  In 2010 Charles received two cows, a plough and training in animal husbandry.  They have made a significant difference to his daily life.  He said, “It was such hard work before and it would take me so long that I would have to work all day in strong heat.  It wasn’t easy to train the animals at first but now I know how to work with them and they know me.  I have to get up very early to plough as they cannot work in the heat, but it’s worth it.  When the work is done I have time to do other jobs and be with my family.”

The children raised money through a raffle, a cake sale and the sale of magazines to parishioners.  Then they used the money to buy the cows from the CAFOD World Gifts catalogue.