In 2000 Fr Brian Davies started a Lunch Club at Corpus Christi Parish in Wombwell.  Initially the Club ran each Monday and Friday supported by four teams of volunteers.  In later years it ran on a Monday catering for 40 elderly people helped by the voluntary work of a band of people, who shopped, prepared food, cooked and served it.

Fr Brian, Ellen Wood and Anne Whittingham shopped for and cooked the food.  Audrey Salmon and Mary McNally greeted people and took payment for the meals.  Diane, Sheila and Margaret from Wombwell Day Centre set the tables and served the meals.  Becky Whittingham, Colin Clarke and Barbara helped serve the meals and then washed up.  The team worked tirelessly for more than fourteen years.

Corpus Christi lunch club sFor a number of reasons, the Lunch Club is now closing.  The parishioners wanted to express their appreciation to Fr Brian for his vision of bringing people together each week in a social environment.  Parishioners also wanted to thank everyone involved in their dedicated service to the Parish and the wider community.

Our photograph shows Fr Brian with Ellen Wood and Anne Whittingham.