Mother of God parish were overjoyed with the response to ‘Come and See’ Open Day.  This was held on Saturday, 21 September and attracted over one hundred people who had no previous connection with Mother of God, and lots of parishioners.

  This was the result of months of planning and leafleting every house in the parish.  Eighty six parish volunteers were involved in the day.  Welcomers greeted visitors and stewards explained the significant parts of the church, with the organ playing gently in the background.

  Tea and vast amounts of cakes were provided in the Parish Centre while the children enjoyed games and creative activities.

Mother of God Sanctuary with flower displays

  The day ended with Mass and the testimonies from three parishioners describing what Mother of God parish meant to them.  The celebration was enhanced by the children from St Wilfrid’s school taking part in the offertory procession.

  Comments from visitors and all those who took part in the day confirmed how worthwhile ‘Come and See’ had been to the community, and to the parish who are now planning ‘Come and See 2020’.