The staff and children of St Alban’s Catholic Primary School have been using the harvest season to learn more about other world faiths, celebrate their Catholic faith and share what they have with others.  Here is their report.

“We began our harvest season by finding out how Jewish people celebrate the harvest with the feast of Sukkot.  We began with a whole school assembly to introduce and explain the relevance of some Jewish traditions using Old Testament stories, discovering the meaning of the four species and building a child sized sukkah!  Following this, as part of our RE curriculum children throughout school went on to find out more about the Jewish faith.

Throughout our Judaism Week the range and variety of learning experiences presented to the children gave them the opportunity to explore the beliefs of others, giving them the skills and knowledge to not simply consider differences, but importantly to recognise the many similarities our faiths share.  Our aim is for all of our children to grow in tolerance and understanding, leading them to recognise that people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds share many common values. Including using all of our senses to value the world around us, remembering to be grateful for the things we have and not to take things for granted.

St Alban choir s

It was therefore very fitting that children from our Fountains and Roche classes, together with our recently formed Chamber Choir, led the Parish Community in a Thanksgiving Harvest Mass.  The generous donations of food stuffs for our school hamper will this year go to The Foyer, a Salvation Army Shelter for homeless young people aged 16 – 25 in Doncaster.