The Padley Martyrs Conference of the SVP in Chesterfield sent a Christmas message to St Paul’s Church at Etharla Palli in Andra Pradesh, India with whom the Chesterfield Conference is twinned.

  In response they received a photograph accompanied by a message:

“Thank you dear members of your conference for your kind letter. We wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year. 

  We are a small conference of seven active members.  All of us are dependent on agriculture and earn mostly seven dollars a day on average.  Our conference has ‘adopted’ five families and we give them thirty dollars every month.  Anything remaining we use to help children from our village to go to school.

  With the money you have provided we have also established a tailoring project which provides employment for two girls, one of whom is a conference member, and have also been able to set up a small shop.

  We are receiving your Twinnage payments on time (£150 each year).  We are very thankful for that”.