Ernest is a Polish graduate who lived in Sheffield for nine years, with regular employment and staying in his own accommodation.  However, following an injury, he lost both his job and then his home, and for three years he had been sleeping rough, surviving by begging on the streets.

Agnes, welfare worker at St Wilfrid’s Centre

His life turned around when a passer-by gave Ernest a voucher for St Wilfrid’s Centre entitling him to a shower, a hot meal and some warm clothes.  On his first visit to the Centre he was welcomed by Agnes, one of the St Wilfrid’s welfare workers, who is herself Polish.  Ernest committed to working with St Wilfrid’s support programme and, with Agnes’s help, Ernest was able to find both work and secure accommodation.  As Ernest says, “My life is back to normal now, I have somewhere to sleep, a phone and a job.  St Wilfrid’s were extremely helpful, not only practically, but also emotionally and mentally.”

St Wilfrid’s Centre

  The latest government statistics show a 19% increase in the number of people sleeping rough in the Yorkshire region over the last twelve months.  Over the same period, St Wilfrid’s has seen a 22% increase in self referrals (including rough sleepers).

  St Wilfrid’s vouchers enable people living rough to access a shower, a hot meal and warm clothes.  If you would like some vouchers to distribute, please call the Centre on 0114 255 5720 or email info@stwilfridscentre.org.