CCRS 2014 sMany Catholics feel that learning about religion stopped when they left school.  Some want to ask questions about things like the Bible or the Church that have just “been there” all their lives.  Others are preparing to teach in schools, or work in parishes as catechists and readers and are looking to deepen their own reflection on scripture, doctrine and practice.

The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) provides an opportunity to do all of this in a friendly, supportive group setting here in Hallam with trained tutors and participants from all ages and backgrounds.

The 2014-16 Hallam programme starts in September and is open to all: to those involved in education, catechesis and ministry, and to those looking to deepen their faith or theological understanding.  Participants do not need any qualifications or involvement in a specific church or educational role to join the course.

What is it?

The course introduces the basics of Christian theology and faith from a Catholic perspective, and also provides a basis for further study.  It is validated by the Board of Religious Studies of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, which awards the certificate to those who successfully complete the course.

Who is it for?

The CCRS programme is open to everyone.

For teachers and those involved in religious education in schools, it gives a nationally recognised qualification and is recommended for anyone teaching in a Catholic school.  Hallam CCRS includes 2 specialist modules on teaching RE for those working in schools.

Catechists, readers and those involved in various parish ministries have the opportunity not only to discover more about the theology behind church teaching, but to reflect on how it relates with their ministry, on their own and with other participants.

Of course, many adults simply take the course to deepen their own faith understanding.  A student recently said “I’ve always wondered why… but no-one has ever explained it before.”

Non-Catholics are very welcome on the course.  The sessions on the Bible and on Jesus Christ are particularly suited to joint ecumenical study and can be taken as standalone modules.

Study and Assessment

The course runs over 2 years, starting in September although you can join at the start of any module.  The sessions are held once a month on a Saturday morning and include a mix of teaching, discussion, exercises, and reflection.

Assessment is usually by a written assignment or journal.  Module credits are transferable to other CCRS centres if you move, and it is possible to take time out and pick up any remaining modules here in a subsequent year, provided you complete all modules within 5 years.  It is also possible to attend the course without doing the assignments necessary for the certificate.

Costs and Enrolment

There is a £25 National Registration fee.  Each Module costs £40 (£20 concessions) which includes all tuition, worksheets and assignments.  Sessions take place at the Hallam Pastoral Centre in Sheffield, which is easily accessible and has ample parking, good teaching rooms and a well-stocked library for students.

To enrol or get more details about the CCRS, please contact the Adult Education office at the Hallam Pastoral Centre, St Charles Street, Sheffield, S9 3WU, tel 0114 2566410, email adulteducation@hallam-diocese.com or see the Adult Education pages on www.hallam-diocese.com.