The Catholic Grandparents Association was formally launched in England and Wales on 9 May in Westminster.  The event was attended by a number of diocesan Bishops, along with grandparents from local groups and parishes.

Catholic Grandparents Association sThe Association, which is operating in many countries already and faithful to its mission to keep prayer at the heart of the family and passing on the faith, has already been working in dioceses across the country and has supported the growth of a number of individual parish groups.

Catherine Wiley, Catholic Grandparents Association founder, said, “Grandparents’ vital contribution to the family, the Church and society was never as important as now.  We are living in unprecedented times, with constantly changing social and moral values.  Sometimes we feel like we are failing.  We are not.  We can never fail so long as we keep on doing what we are doing – praying, showing the way and passing on our faith.”

To find out more about the Association, visit www.catholicgrandparentsassociation.org.