Stuart Hanlon, Director of Caritas-Diocese of Hallam, writes:

  After many years of dedicated service to the Deaf Community in Hallam, Sr Clare Smith and Fr Don Stoker are retiring.  All those who have benefitted from this service are grateful for the help they have been given.

  The Diocese wishes to maintain and develop this service and are compiling a list of people who are willing to sign at occasional Masses for the Deaf and prepare children for the sacraments.  Older people with hearing impairment may also welcome this support.

  Signers for Masses need an induction in sacramental sign language.  I have spoken to Fr Fletcher, National Chaplain for the Deaf Community, who is willing to deliver this training.

  If you are lay or religious and would like to be involved in this ministry please contact Sue Tym, caritas@hallam-diocese.com.

  Mary Longden took this photograph of Sr Clare and Fr Don to mark their retirement.