Caritas Diocese of Hallam ~ Promoting Social Action

In his Pastoral Letter for the Annual Appeal for the Hallam Caring Services, Bishop Ralph explained that a significant development in our Diocese this year was the establishment of Caritas Diocese of Hallam, which encompasses all the social action projects in the Diocese.

  The recent meeting due to be held in Spinkhill had to postponed because of the bad weather.  It was rescheduled for Saturday, 12 May at Blessed Trinity Church Hall, Wickersley.

  The purpose of this meeting was to provide the opportunity for Bishop Ralph to celebrate the considerable amount of voluntary social action taking place in this Diocese.

  Our questionnaire revealed seventy-eight parish based projects, which was a surprising number and a very encouraging finding.

  The creation of Caritas Diocese of Hallam is a move to establish a comprehensive picture of this social action, identify unmet needs and stimulate grass roots development.

  It will provide a strong coherent voice on important social issues and policies for the Diocese underpinned by Catholic social teaching.