Further to the successful launch of Caritas Diocese of Hallam in May last year, a Consultancy Group was established.  The Group met for the first time on 13 October at Wickersley.

  The speaker who had been invited to give a presentation in developing support for refugees in various dioceses was unexpectedly unable to join us.  Fr Shaun Smith stepped in and gave us a well-informed summary of a previous meeting which he had attended on the subject.

  This was followed by Anne Peacey (Justice and Peace) giving an account of the Caritas Leadership Conference she had attended in Rome.

  Sandra Asquith provided us with her experience of leading a group through ‘Lifting the Lid’ – six Bible studies exploring Jesus’ response to people who are suffering in some way or in need of acceptance.  There were further contributions from the floor relating to various projects.

  It was agreed that terms of reference need to be drafted for the Consultancy Group and that it will meet two or three times a year.  It is planned to have an online and hard copy directory of all the social action projects in the Diocese.  Links will be established with similar agencies.  After a promising start to Caritas Diocese of Hallam, it is hoped that some meaningful development will result.