CAFOD (Copy)In the last two years since CAFOD’s Hands On Project launched in April 2014, supporters from across the Hallam diocese joined CAFOD to fund the restoration of a reservoir in Kitui, Eastern Kenya.

 CAFOD Hands on (Copy) In the past two years, 43 year-old Tabitha Paul from Kitui has witnessed worsening droughts that, as a consequence, have dried up most of the water sources in Kitui district.

  In just twenty-four months, however, Tabitha, along with 1,440 women and men in her community and supporters from the Hallam diocese have worked together to restore their reservoir and bring water back to Kitui.

  Parishes and schools, inspired by the Year of Mercy, pledged their support to provide the community with the tools, trees and training they needed.

  Thanks to your support, over 10,000 trees have been planted and six dams have now been built to direct water into the reservoir.  CAFOD’s partners have also trained thirty primary school students on environmental conservation and tree planting, to ensure long-term benefits from the project.

  CAFOD representative in the Hallam Diocese, Anne Prior, said, “I am truly grateful for the generosity of people in the Hallam diocese who have committed to supporting the community of Kitui.  Climate change hits the world’s poorest the hardest and it is our responsibility to stand in solidarity with people like Tabitha, for whom the reservoir presents the only opportunity to access safe and clean water.”

CAFOD Altiplano copy (Copy)  Now that the Kitui Project has ended, we are calling on supporters in Hallam to donate to our new Hands On Project in Bolivia.

  The country’s region of Altiplano is facing erratic and unpredictable rains that have left the soil dry, cracked and unsuitable for growth.  The people rely on this rainwater to feed their growing crops and without it, living here is a matter for survival.

  Over the next two years, Altiplano resident Eva and a small group of expert farmers and water specialists want to bring hope to the thousands of people living in this harsh environment.  However, they can’t reach their goal without your help.  By donating monthly, you can have a direct impact on this life-changing work.

  Your donation will provide the Altiplano communities with irrigation to bring much-needed water to the soil, training in new farming techniques including making wormeries, and greenhouses to protect  vegetables from extreme weather.

  By donating, you will get updated with the communities’ progress so that you can follow their transformation and witness how your support is changing lives.   You can support CAFOD’s Hands On Project  at cafod.org.uk/Give/Hands-On.