In 1980, Archbishop Oscar Romero was killed for speaking out against poverty. Decades later, many people in El Salvador still live on less than a dollar a day.  A group of parishes in North Sheffield has signed up to Connect2 El Salvador and is committed to raising funds to help CAFOD educate, support and protect poor communities.  Their journey is with the people of Puentecitos, a small village near the border of Guatemala, who are improving community life by opening small businesses and using organic farming methods.

  On Friday, 10 November, a Games Night was held in Sacred Heart Hall, Hillsborough, to celebrate their connection with El Salvador.  Fr Michael Umameh presented a CAFOD Powerpoint demonstration of what life is like for the villagers and how we can connect with each other.  It was an all-age gathering of about forty people, who joined in a quiz and a raffle, played bingo and beetle, and enjoyed a semi-Salvadorean supper of tortillas, cheese, dips, beans, spicy tomato sauce and coleslaw.

  Over £500 was raised to send on to Puentecitos, thanks to those who came, and those who sent donations.  And messages were written on Christmas cards to send with the gift.  It was a very worthwhile evening, and participants are looking forward to the next event, probably another variety show.

Photographs by CAFOD: above Puentecitos, below the closing session of a workshop for women set up with the help of CAFOD which ran for one year.