Święconka w parafii St Joseph’s w Retford

W tym roku proboszcz parafii przywital ponad 100 osób z polskich rodzin. Podczas uroczystości Polacy zebrali pieniądze na świecę paschalną dla parafii.

On Holy Saturday Fr John Nwadike welcomed around a hundred families gathered at St Joseph’s for Święconka meaning “the blessing of the Easter baskets”, one of the most enduring and beloved Polish traditions with roots dating back to the early history of Poland.

  Baskets containing Easter foods are traditionally lined with a white napkin and decorated with sprigs of typical Easter evergreen and ribbon woven through the handle.  Observing the creativity of other parishioners is one of the special joys of the event.

  Fr John gave the three-part blessing.  Prayers specifically address the various contents of the baskets.  The symbolic meanings of the foods are:

  • eggs – symbolise life and Christ’s resurrection
  • bread – symbolic of Jesus in the Eucharist
  • lamb – represents Christ the Lamb of God
  • salt – represents purification
  • horseradish – symbolic of the bitter sacrifice of Christ
  • ham – symbolic of great joy and abundance

  Fr John then liberally sprinkled the congregation with holy water.    A collection was taken for the Polish community’s gift to the parish – the Pascal Candle.