Blessed Brunch at Annunciation Parish Centre

Blessed Brunch at St Vincent’s in the Summer

On Saturday, 24 November, 2018, women from across the Hallam Diocese met for brunch at the Annunciation Parish Centre.  This was an opportunity for women of all ages to gather together for food, prayer and social time and was a follow up to the first Diocesan Blessed Brunch held at St Vincent’s Parish Centre, Sheffield in June of last year.

  This initiative was started by ‘Blessed Is She’, an online community of Catholic women.  This ministry provides a whole host of online resources designed to enrich the spiritual lives of women in the Catholic Church.  To find out more and to sign up for reflections on the readings of the day visit https://blessedisshe.net.

  The next Blessed Brunch will be held at St Joseph’s, Dinnington on Saturday, 23 March, 10am-12pm.  We would love to invite all women to come and share in what is sure to be another wonderful opportunity to get to know one another.  Please do bring along little ones and something for the shared table if you are able to.  Look out for further details in your parish bulletin and on Facebook.

For more information please email Helen Loxley, hloxley@stmaryschesterfield.org.uk, or Eleanor Hill, eleanorhill@jx10ministries.org.uk.