Mrs Clare Exley from St Peter-in-Chains, Doncaster reached her 90th birthday this year.  A number of charities benefitted from her unusual celebration.

  This is her story, “Our daughter Suzanne, who lives in Australia, rang me early in the year saying – ‘Mum, I have just realised it is your 90th birthday this year, 2 April, – Easter Monday to be precise – what would you like for your birthday?’”

  “And I didn’t need to stop and think – ‘A Sky Dive’ I said and lo and behold on Sunday, 1 July I did exactly that.

  “Two of our sons and two grandsons decided they would like to do the Sky Dive also, and what a wonderful day it turned out to be.

  “The young man, Dave, that I was securely strapped to, treated me like a very special piece of Dresden China.

  “As we left the plane at 4 miles high at a speed of 120mph, it was exhilarating and the free-fall without the parachute was beyond my wildest dreams, just being suspended in mid-air.  I certainly know what a bird feels like now.  In fact, over a month later I think I am still up there experiencing a little bit of heaven.

  “People sponsored me very generously indeed and the three charities I had chosen received £874 each, (Focolare Movement: youth for a united world, BBC Children in Need, St Peter-in-Chains, Doncaster), hopefully with some tax rebate.

  “Everyone is now asking me what I want to do next so, already in mind, I answer – for my 100th birthday … a trip to the moon!”