It was a ‘Big Thank You’ celebration day at St Marie’s Cathedral on 29 November.  The Parish Pastoral Council and Fr Chris Posluszny hosted a special event for all volunteers who had contributed in any way to the running of the Parish during the past year.

The event commenced with a special thanksgiving Mass which brought the year to a close and during which thanks were offered for the many talents and gifts of time that had been generously given to the running of the parish.

The Mass was followed by a joyously festive meal in the Houlden Hall.  The feast of many different dishes was very much appreciated by the volunteers.  The tables had been decorated with symbols representing the various activities that volunteers had engaged in during the year – such as flower decorating, altar serving, making teas and coffee, reading the scriptures and singing in the choir and music group.

Cathedral thank you 1 s2Cathedral thank you 2 s 2


Parishioners were honoured that Bishop Ralph shared this event with them and were pleased to hear that this celebration of volunteering is to become an annual event.

Cathedral thank you 3 s 2

Photographs of the celebration in the Houlden Hall courtesy of Jose Solis Cordova