The Feast of Pentecost was a day of great celebration in churches of the Parish of Our Lady Queen of Peace, Chesterfield.

Martin Lowry

  At the Vigil Mass at Holy Family Church following the request from a number of parishioners, Martin Lowry was presented with the Benemerenti in recognition for over sixty years of devoted service to the Parish priests and wider community of the former Parish of the Holy Family.

  The following day, John Nelis and Frank Berry each received a Benemerenti at 11am Mass at the Church of the Annunciation.

John Nelis (left) and Frank Berry

  John has devoted over 30 years of untiring and total devoted service to the Parish and the priests of the former Parish of the Annunciation.  In typical style John’s words to his Parish Priest were, “I do not wish to sound ungrateful, but there are far more people deserving of this than me.”  To which the response was, “Your attitude like that is the reason you are receiving this award.”

  Frank Berry has been organist for fifty years and involved in ecumenical endeavours in the town of Chesterfield for many years.  Parish Priest, Fr Adrian Tomlinson thanked Frank for his many years of commitment and faithful service, for which the award was made.

  All three presentations were welcomed by parishioners with great applause and many congratulations were offered after Mass.