Trevor Cryan

At the Christmas Eve Mass, 2018 at St Mary Magdalene’s, Maltby, the Benemerenti Medal was presented to Trevor Cryan.

  Trevor has been involved in the Music Ministry at St Mary’s since 1978 when, after the death of the organist, Fr May asked Trevor if he could help provide the music at Mass until they found a new organist.  Over the last 40 years Trevor, together with his late wife Gwen, and their three daughters Caroline, Adele and Helen, have led the music in the parish, not only at Sunday Mass but at the “Friday Night Healing Service”.  This started in 1978 with a group of twelve people meeting and grew rapidly, with people coming from all over the country to attend the service.

  The parish Music Ministry now includes organist, Diane Vernon, and Trevor’s great-grandchildren, Grace and Eddie.

  The Benemerenti Medal, awarded by Pope Francis, is recognition of Trevor’s huge contribution and dedication to the Music Ministry at St Mary’s.  This included weekly Mass, funerals, weddings and baptisms but also his involvement in numerous other initiatives, including the diocesan Charismatic Renewal Conferences that took place for many years, retreat days, Medjugorje Prayer Meetings, Marian Days, Faith and Light, Prayer Group, Scripture Study, Journey in Faith and the National Bishops, Priests and Deacons Retreat each Easter.

  Fr Leonard May, now retired but formerly Parish Priest of St Mary Magdalene’s for many years, commented, “Trevor has given much of his life in service to the Church.  He has a love and understanding of liturgy and has been committed to the Music Ministry for 40 years.  His life has been one of humble and faithful service wherever he has been asked to serve – and he has done so happily.”