Dong played by Martin Colcough, Ding played by John Rafferty, Shergar played by Amy Robertson, Count Vincent played by Marcelle Mattli and Helen Grant takes the part of Belle

On 10-11 February St Vincent’s Panto Players gave three performances of their pantomime Beauty and the Beast, at St Vincent’s Church, Crookes, Sheffield. This meant the public of Crookes got to see this unique version of the tale a full month before the live action Disney film version hits the cinemas.

Dominic Rice is the Beast

Andrew Sinclair as Cookie with the Beast

  As usual, mayhem ensued, there was a visit to Crookes market, the woodland creatures sang a song, an audience member received the traditional custard pie, and it all ended happily ever after. Some notable appearances included Doctor Who, Chewbacca and Donald Trump.  The script was riddled with music-related puns, some of which were easier to spot than others – yes indeed, a few of the jokes did fall ‘flat’!

The ‘Charlie Gardiner Award’ for loyal service to the pantomime, created in honour of a former parish priest, went this year to Dominic Rice.

Pauline Delamere is Dr Who, Liam Siggs is Chewbacca and Seamus Grant is the Dalek

The pantomime is a great social occasion for the parish, allowing some parishioners to display their hidden talents, as well as raising money for charity. This was the twenty-eighth pantomime the parish has done.  Around one hundred people attended each of the performances and just over £1700 was raised.  This will be split between the St Justin Society (the group in St. Vincent’s parish that supports individuals and projects in developing countries) and The Sheffield Down’s Syndrome Support Group.

Photographs taken by Theresa Rice