Anniversaries All Around

A Circle meeting close to Valentine’s Day was the excuse Barnsley Catenians needed to celebrate the institution of marriage.  President Andrew Hartley delivered a beautiful red rose to each lady present, and indeed sent some to the homes of brother’s wives who were not there in person, before Ken Barry discussed years and weddings.

It used to be said that Tottenham Hotspurs always won a trophy when the year ended in a one.  According to Ken, years ending in a four seemed favourite when it came to Barnsley Catenian weddings.  Firstly, he said, himself and Annie would be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year (1974).  They were amateurs though compared to Mike and Anne Fealy, Peter and Carol Worrall and Mike and Joyce Starford who would all be celebrating 50 years of marriage (1964).  The couple who have most to celebrate though were John and Olga Gavin, married in February, 1954; a mere sixty years ago.

Catenians 2 s

John and Olga, pictured on the left, are seen above with Mike and Anne, Peter and Carol and Annie and Ken.  Mike and Joyce avoided the photograph by being on holiday!

Catenians 1 sInternational Catenian

Ken Barry, President of the Barnsley Catenians says, “Although he has only been a Barnsley Catenian for a few months, Tony Strike certainly takes his visiting seriously.  Over in Perth, Australia on University of Sheffield business, he took the time out of his hectic schedule to have some rest and relaxation with Liwara Circle.

It was an “Experience of friendship and hospitality which transcends borders,” Tony said.  He was happy to be the example of the international perspective of Catenianism.  Tony is flanked below by the provincial President of Province 20, Pat McManus and Mike Wright of Liwara Circle.  They all seem to be enjoying the ‘tinnies’!