Fr James Shekelton writes from Barcelos, Brazil

Hello Everyone

As some of you may know, during recent months we were fundraising to try and replace our old truck, a 1981 Chevrolet that has seen many battles. As the years have gone on the truck has caused more and more problems and was constantly in the mechanics.  We don’t need it every day but it is important to have a working truck for various reasons – such as taking bodies to the cemetery along with the mourners, moving materials around the town, picking people up for different activities, sometimes as an ambulance in an emergency – just to name a few of the needs.  It is really a parish truck!

  I would like to inform you that we now have another truck – a Toyota Hilux, 2010, that we were able to get second hand in Manaus.

  This is thanks to the many kind offerings and donations made by some parishes in the Diocese of Hallam, from organisations such as Outreach and from individuals who wanted to help raise the money.

Here are two pictures of new and old!

  Both myself and Peter (James’ brother, Fr Peter) would like to thank all those who helped and the many kind gestures that made it possible.  The parish is always “scraping the barrel” due to its size and the nature of the work, but the many kind offerings from far and wide keep us going, so once again THANK YOU to all.

  Please continue to keep us in the prayers.  Remembering all of you, God bless, Fr James and Fr Peter.