Well it’s all over. The Great St Wilfrid’s Panto is over and St Wilfrid’s Men’s Group thought they would put a report together.  Some of the Men’s Group were in it and they told the Hallam News what it was like to be a Panto Star.

St Wilfrids Bake Off 1 s

The plot was based on the tale of Alice in Wonderland, with a Bake Off twist. The poor old Knave of Hearts got framed by the Duchess’s evil Cheshire Cat for stealing the tarts.  All was resolved in the end by the marvellous Queen of Hearts, (aka Lorraine).

“I was the Dame and had to keep up a French accent all the way through,” said Andy. “It was great to be entertaining people.”  Lyndon (aka Tweedle Blade) agreed, “We did some good dancing and singing and it was great when the audience cheered.”  Paul agreed but felt very nervous until after the dress rehearsal, when he became more confident.

Teamwork seemed to be at the heart of the production. Helen (aka Wilfrid Bear, aka Mary Beary) paid tribute to Rachel, Nicky and Judy who guided the cast.  Andy agreed, “Rachel was brilliant as producer.”

Helen continued, “Because of the bear’s head, I couldn’t see where I was going but the cast were great and helped me get into the right places.”

Paul continued the teamwork theme, “You were given confidence in yourself and supported by the others. You had to speak loudly and take responsibility for your performance.  You need some bottle.”  Andy agreed, “You have to have commitment to the drama group and turn up for rehearsals.”

Lee was in the audience, “Very entertaining, excellent, I would give it a great review.”

St Wilfrid’s would like to thank the generous audience whose donations amounted to £1,000, which, in the words of Andy who played the part of the French cook, was “Magnifique!”