Calling aspiring leaders of Church schools!

Across our Diocese and beyond we have many primary and secondary schools struggling to recruit headteachers even though there are many talented teachers, who could take on this role.

As teachers, we are trained to assess data or come up with curriculum solutions … but do we ever look at leading a school in its faith development.  This is an element that often scares us as we often do not feel worthy enough to lead on the spiritual formation of both staff and pupils.

Headteacher graduates s

Participants and graduates in this year’s Doulos programme at Bishopthorpe Palace, York

In actual fact, leading a Catholic school needs people who are humble, but as Nelson Mandela said, ‘are willing to shine.’

In order to encourage you to take that step the National College has funded a course – Doulos – to support people wishing to make the step into Church headship.  Doulos is the Greek word for ‘servant’ and one element of the course is looking at what ‘servant leadership’ actually means.  The course is run by Hallam Teaching School, based at Notre Dame, Sheffield and by the Ebor Teaching school, based at Manor Church of England School, York, and concentrates on leading a Church school.  We are very grateful that our patron is His Grace, the Archbishop of York, Archbishop Sentamu.

The course consists of three face to face days plus a two day placement in an outstanding school.  Participants get to meet with other aspiring leaders across Yorkshire and Humberside as well as hear some inspirational speakers.  We also ensure that the Directors of Education for the Diocese are aware of those taking part so that as vacancies come up, they are able to contact you.  The final day takes place at Bishopthorpe Palace in York where we ensure that you are well prepared for that next step.

If you are interested, further details are available on the two Teaching School web-sites:- www.notredame-high.org.uk or www.ebor-tsa.org or if you wish to discuss this further, you can contact Jane Willis at Notre Dame on 0114 2302536 or e-mail at headteacher@notredame-high.org.uk.  You do not have to be in a Catholic school to participate in the course.  The deadline for applications is 6 September.  We look forward to meeting you.