Nearly 50 people crowded into a room at St Vincent’s Church, Crookes, recently to hear the well-known writer and speaker from the USA, Anastasia Northrop, speak about practical ways to live St John Paul II’s teaching on the Theology of the Body.

Miss Anastasia Northrop is pictured below centre with Fr Patrick Walsh, Parish Priest and Mrs Kathleen Baster.

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Anastasia Northrop spoke on the topic ‘Living Life as a Gift – what God’s plan means for you’ and afterwards answered questions from the audience on topics as diverse as the beauty of marriage, the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and the universal call to chastity and holiness.

Miss Northrop is the founder of the Theology of the Body International Alliance.  She is an expert on St John Paul II’s teaching about the human person, including its implications for single people.  She is also the founder and Director of the National Catholic Singles Conference in the USA.

Kathleen Baster, who coordinates a Theology of the Body study group at St Vincent’s and has helped to run a number of short courses on the topic in the diocese, said, “We were thrilled that Anastasia could take time out of her busy schedule to visit us in Sheffield and explain how St John Paul II’s teaching calls us to make a gift of ourselves in order to live life to the fullest.  It was great that so many people could attend her talk, both those who are familiar with the teaching and those coming across it for the first time.  What impressed all of us, I think, is how the Theology of the Body is not a dry theory but is meant to be lived and casts all of the Church’s teachings in the area of sexuality in a wholly positive light.”